MENTAL FLOSS / Catherine the Great's Stout

I've been accompanying the booze feature in MENTAL FLOSS magazine for the past year - sometimes they're very straightforward and sometimes they're Catherine the Great holding a glass of stout. Go figure! AD Winslow Taft


Cole Haan Holiday Illustrations

Cole Haan partnered with makers of pretty, non-shoe related things for Holiday 2013. They asked me to draw a goat wearing a scarf amongst other things - how could I refuse? Check it out!


Arch & Loop / State Bag Snaps

Behold these snaps for State Bag backpacks! Its extremely satisfying to see vector renderings become little resin gems! Woo! Check out the State site, designed by Lydia Stone. AD Lydia Turner


New York Magazine / October 14th 2013

Happy to have my first full page illustration in New York Magazine! Woo! This one was for adults who love YA fiction. AD Stevie Remsberg


Birthday Bumble Gif

Howdy! More Bumble leftovers - this time its a jaunty gif for a birthday emailer. Cheers!


VANCOUVER MAGAZINE / Vancouver's Best Breakfasts from A-Z

Dig into some food spots and random portraits from Vancouver Magazine's April Issue. AD Brennan Higginbotham

VANCOUVER MAGAZINE / 92 Ways to Enjoy Summer in the City

Hello! I'm catching up on stuff so please to be forgiving on my lame posting schedule. In the meantime, enjoy these jaunty portraits for Vancouver Magazine's June issue. AD Brennan Higginbotham


Doggy Portrait for Jane Larkworthy

Bb. PR commissioned a gift from me (a few months ago) for W Magazine beauty editor Jane Larkworthy. The PR lovelies wanted a portrait of Jane's beloved doggy as a thank you for her work on a cover story featuring Bb. Stylist Jimmy Paul. This is her shot of the finished portraits (we ended up sending three) - apparently she was tickled pink! Mission accomplished!



It's almost summer! Here's some semi-old little spots for The Wall Street Journal. AD Forest Evashevski

Bumble Extra (First part of many parts)

Bye Bye Bumble

Nice to know ya! There was a real family feel at Bumble and bumble, things like elaborate birthday celebrations involving paper crowns were a regular occurrence. This one was for the Queen of Bumble, former CD Helen - A million thanks to her and the crew who hired me for believing in this Canadian loser! Anyways. Onwards! 


Zola Jesus

Food & Wine / Kale Love

A newish one for Food & Wine about a woman's unreasonable love of kale chips. AD James T Maikowski.


Food & Wine / Nov 2012

Heres a little spot for Food & Wine about finger food! Read all about 'Why You Should Put Down Your Knife and Fork' here!

Wall Street Journal / Nov 2012

This was a quick and cheerful one. Thanks to AD Forest Evashevski!