Wow! Kudos to the dudes who made this festival possible in Calgary. There were tons of friends, biking, beers and of course, bitchin' music! I wish I could have seen more, but I caught some great acts (and some fab comedy by Brody Stevens and Tig Notaro) heres my teeny, uneducated reviews:

SLEEPY PANTHER - 65 yr old lady on drums. Nuff said. Awesome.

CHALI 2NA - Crazy rap show/dance party! I was dancing FULL OUT, people.
TEEN DAZE - Synth!
JENNIFER CASTLE - This chick blew me away. I bought her album right away and so should you!

ZOLA JESUS - Freaky, freaky energy.
CROCODILES - Caught the last of their set and it was pretty rad!
LEE RANALDO - Experimental guitar/video projections in a church. Insane.
WILD NOTHING - Besides Ms. Castle, my fave of the fest.
BLONDE REDHEAD - Solid...but the show was hyped so much that I expected A LOT.
MOON DUO - Holy shit! Amazing!

KURT VILE AND THE VIOLATORS - I remember liking them but not much else (I blame booze)
THE SANDWITCHES - Cute chicks and sweet songs... bit of a lackluster set.
BUZZCOCKS - Um... yay nostalgia!?
THEE OH SEES - Fucking awesome! The most grimy show I went to!
THE RAVEONETTES - They were sans one drummer and seemed pretty bummed about it.
BARE WIRES - Fab and solid!

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