2 Sisters

Theres a bit of fact here, a bit of fiction. For me, this project was more about exploring different media and what-not.

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  1. This is wonderful. Made me cry.

    I read it backwards because I'm a fool. So I ended on the two empty chairs - which are, I think, the best page. But also bittersweet for me - because they were the last page.

    I'm going to tell you my favourite moments. The picture with the vacuum cleaner in it - is that for real? Did you really have that vacuum cleaner in your life? If so, I hope Mary still has that kicking around, that thing is wonderful.

    Next, I'm so happy Vannie made it! I think you should have mentioned that the missing wood panel was re-attached with superglue.

    My favourite picture, next to the two chairs, is the picture of Tina putting make-up on Lee. So sweet.

    I love the Brownie badges, they are wonderful. I have no idea how you mixed textures, "real" pictures and drawings all together but it makes me so happy.

    My favourite face picture is the slide of Tina's faces - and the middle one on the left - it's amazing. Lauren, you rock.

    This is really wonderful.

    Ps. there is a fairy that comes to the oldest sister and tells us we can be as mean as we want.